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Free TON is the first multi-threaded, multi-sharded, highly scalable blockchain with low latency. Its consensus economics is


(POS). Free TON is a smart contract platform supporting several high level computer languages such as C, C++ and Solidity. It promotes a unique concept of

End-to-End Decentralization (E2ED)

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Thanks to its capabilities, Free TON is the first web 3.0 blockchain with true End-to-End decentralisation in mind. Because of this we’re growing quickly! But we always need more developers, project managers, and talented minds! Join us, and build your future on Free TON!

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Whether you want to create your own DeBots, or just integrate Free TON into an existing business or platform, our community are here for you every step of the way.

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Blockchain addresses issues of geographical inequality on a scale not seen since the internet revolution. No matter where you hang your hat, Free TON welcomes you to our home!

Free TON Academy

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