• History
  • Mission
  • Objectives
  • Our Advisors
The Free TON blockchain launched in May 2019, utilising the open-source code of the TON blockchain developed by Pavel Durov. Although it bears no links to the Telegram messenger app, its international community have developed and expanded many complimentary systems.
The Free TON Academy Subgovernance began life in early 2020 with the goal of creating institutional grade educational materials revolving around the Free TON blockchain ecosystem. With planned materials consisting of online and in-person events, full and short courses, and everything in between, we aim to develop curriculums suitable for all ages and abilities.
1. Shape the Academy’s agenda, inquiring into the quality and progress of activities, and assuring that Free TON Academy remains true to its mission. 2. Exercise fiduciary responsibility with regard to the Academy’s academic, financial, and physical resources and overall well-being. 3. Engage with both questions of long-range strategy, policy and planning, as well as transactional matters of unusual consequence. 4. Take responsibility for approving the Academy’s contests, rewards, major projects, endowment spending, tuition charges (if any), and other matters. 5. Draw upon the experience and expertise of its members. 6. Serve as custodian of the endowment and all the properties of the Academy. 7. Facilitate the attraction of students from members of the external community, universities and colleges, and their learning progress. 8. Manage and develop relations with universities, colleges,companies and existing educational
``Free TON is the first blockchain that was born free``