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How to try DeBot

You can start by trying out multisig DeBot. It’s already deployed to and can be called through any DeBot browser that supports it.

To try it out in TON Surf, go to

To try it out in tonos-cli call:

./tonos-cli --url debot fetch 0:09403116d2d04f3d86ab2de138b390f6ec1b0bc02363dbf006953946e807051e

If you do not have a multisig wallet to try it out with, you can use the following test wallet address and seed phrase:

address: 0:5d3d540ebeb545be95ad05e22efc0ad3cb2e0172884fba2cedfde445ef16ebf9
seed phrase: final axis aware because grace sort giant defy dragon blouse motor virus
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